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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

...and so it begins.

This is the beginning of my blog to talk about my "personal" projects. The one I'm on right now is putting a PID controller on my Silvia espresso machine, using on the Arduino microcontroller. I'm basing it on work done by Tim Hirzel at the Arduino playground.

The basic idea is to replace the stock brew thermostat with a solid state relay (SSR) to control the boiler heater. The SSR is controlled by a microcontroller running software that takes a temperature input from the boiler and through the PID formula, keeps the temperature in a very tight range, resulting in superior espresso. I plan to put details about the project in future posts.


Ted said...

"What happens when...?"

Why, we blog, of course. Though "stay at home" is entirely off the table for me right now. Therefore, I totally resent you.

Very interested in this project of yours - you should do a "for dummies" entry explaining it to any potential lurkers.

karl said...

Hi Ted - I just did a post with some background about PIDs. What coffee shops do you frequent around Denver?